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msabc2006's Journal

Sometimes Your Life is a Walk in the Park
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This is the story of 5 (formerly 6) and now 6 again strangers brought together to live in a five-plex to find out what happens...when people stop being polite and start getting real. These are the trials and tribulations of 5 highly motivated and talented individuals working hard to meet the ultimate challenge, otherwise known as the MSABC 2006 campaign. While the people and event described in this community are real, their stories are interesting enough to deserve a tv series. And now that the MSABC team must hit the road, everything will change, secrets will be found out, obstacles will arise and in the end...only day will matter. Stayed tuned. The show must go on!
breakfasts, chatting on the phone, chatting with fellow rms, chronic rejection, communicating via memos, dreaming in pink, drinking too much starbucks, eating too much sugar, getting hung up on, getting yelled at, group pyschology, high goals, invitations, laughing about chronic rejection, losing faith in humanity, losing our minds, office politics, recruiting, ringing phones, stalking, stalking part ii, strides visits, thermometers, utter chaos