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good news for the people who read bad news

So on Friday I was supposed to be in Santa Clara at 9am. My contact had given me the correct directions, which I had unfortunately left at the office. =(

This leads me to my conclusion about Google Maps- Google Maps should just be called the "how to get lost BADLY and screw up the ONLY appointment you have where the constituent agreed to meet with you only to learn more about the event and THEN decide what they want to do after that" Maps.

So when I got there, the girl turned out to be our age and really, really nice. She took me to their cafeteria, which looked more like a nice restaurant and we sat down at a table to talk over coffee. I didn't really know what to expect, so I tried to let her do most of the talking to figure out what they were going to do, and it turns out she is going to do the walk =)

I'm really happy about it because it was like my one gamble strides visit that I really wanted to pull off. She showed me a thank you letter from Avon, and it basically said 'thank you for raising $10,000', which made me so happy I decided to go there without any idea of what was to happen.

So the company is super nice and fancy, and it was a joy to just be in there period. And when I was leaving, I saw the most beautiful stranger who also happened to smile at me. I really, really hope he joins the girl's team, so I can hook up with him after the walk- JK.

So all in all, it was a good day. Or as Paris would say, "That's hot".


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