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America's Next Top RM

Today I got home from a rather mediocre day in the Walnut Creek area, and had to go to the planning committee meeting for an event that I am working this weekend. I had no time to prepare a really good presentation about the walk, and I show up to see the room packed with like 60 people, most of which are high school students (not kids).

So basically the event director wanted each organization to talk about what they do, and I had to pretty much invent my presentation right there and then, which was not so fun, but basically my own fault.

Anyway, I've noticed there are some interesting young adults in my town. My favorite was the girl with the "I hate school" tshirt. It had a crossed out heart and everything =) And who can forget the girl who said they had to make the meeting 30 minutes longer so she could get her full civic points.

Ah, Civics class and high school memories. I should also add that my high school chemistry teacher is on this committee, and this only is interesting because he is basically a more humorous version of the clear eyes guy. Clear eyes...

But the best part came at the very end, when a girl ran up to me and said "I talked to you! I called the American Cancer Society and spoke with you about the summer camp for kids!! =)". She was super excited, but I had to tell her the truth because the truth is what ACS stands for ;)

She decided on her own that this is totally her thing, and that she's going to volunteer the entire day when in fact she only has to be there an hr or so. Her enthusiasm was honestly so cute, and because there are many not so cute things involved with this job, I feel the need to document all cases.

So what do you think guys? Have we by chance found America's Next Top RM?


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