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second order of business tonight

Ok, so this morning I drove 60+ miles in crazy traffic only to discover that someone ELSE (not on the msabc team) had already done my strides visit for me. I won't mention this person's name, but hello? Could you possibly be any more rude as to do a strides visit that isn't assigned to you and not tell the person that you did it, or put in any notes, or check it as complete? You had 2 weeks, my friend. Two weeks!

They had two weeks to let me know, but nobody ever told me anything. Sadly, I'm not really surprised this happened at all, but hey, at least it got done right? Right. =(

My contact was like 'Hmmm. I was expecting you and had marked you in my calendar, and then this person came and said they were going to do it for you. I asked where you were since you said you would be coming by?...'. And to make matters worse, the lady felt really, really bad.

Good one, buddy! So, feeling like an idiot, I apologized and drove away in a cloud of bitterness.

Eh, the rest of the day was pretty good though. I went back for take #2 with this one lady who stood me up the first time. Second chances are worth giving I guess because she actually showed up this time =)


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